Welcome to our Family

At Pittman Dental Laboratory, we understand that our employees are essential to our success.

We empower them with an in house training staff, certification assistance, and the mentorship and expertise of some of the industy's most talented technicians.



The founder and President of Pittman Dental Laboratory. Rudy has 40 years of dental laboratory experience, and founded Pittman Dental Laboratory in a small garage in Gainesville, Ga. He is now responsible for over 125 skilled technicians and employees. Rudy's not the kind of owner to make youtube videos about himself while in the lab, instead, he's on his quality control bench at most times checking work and calling his assigned accounts to review case specific details. Usually the first to arrive and last to leave, Rudy is an inspiration to the employess of the lab.



Oldest son to Rudy Pittman, and the Vice President of Pittman Dental Laboratory. Zach is responsible for the direction of our company as well as monitoring the changing technology and trends in the Dental Laboratory industry. His leadership has helped us grow into a technology leader in our field. In 2013, he was elected president of the Georgia Dental Laboratory Association. He is also a quality control manager, and can often be found checking work at his bench while pouring over spreadsheets, monitoring the progress of everything Pittman.



Youngest son to Rudy Pittman, and the CAD/CAM Director for Pittman Dental Laboratory. New to the Dental Laboratory industry, Brett has a drive to learn and an unending source of energy to progress and move the CAD/CAM department forward. His leadership has been instrumental in improving the workflow and systems involved in our CAD/CAM processes. He's now attending national Dental Laboratory meetings to further increase his knowledge of what is surely the future of the dental laboratory industry and CAD/CAM technology.


Sales and Marketing


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Dwayne Smith is the Tennessee Territory Manager. More information to come......




Tim Matyaszek is the North Carolina territory manager. He has brought a spark of life to the territory, becoming a trusted partner of our clients there and greatly increasing the influence of Pittman Dental in the area. He is a Clemson graduate, and is recently married.






Melissa is our go to for anything technical related in the laboratory, as well as other varied task. She is our internal IT support, assistant to the senior managers, researcher of new products, maintenance management, safety coordinator, and helps lead the sales and marketing team. She has been an employee for more than 9 years. Graduate of the University of Georgia.


Management & Operations




Mark Cornett is the Laboratory Manager for Pittman Dental and has been with us for 31 years. On a normal work day, you can find Mark consulting with a client, checking on the flow of cases around the building, or passing along knowledge to the rest of the team. He has multiple certifications; BTI Laser, CAPTEK, PTC, & Dawson I, II, and III. He loves a good surf & turf, and would travel to Hawaii if he could go on any vacation. He's also a Star Wars fan.



Teo Barth, CDT is the Ceramics Department supervisor, responsible for strict quality control standards and measures for the ceramics department. He is a member of our PROLINE technician team. He has worked in the Dental Laboratory field for over 20 years, and spent 6 with Pittman Dental. His favorite food is Ribs, as 'there is nothing better than smoking a rack or two'. He would love to vacation any place tropical, and one of his favorite past times is making and collecting pottery & folk art.



Julie is our Production & Stain and Glaze supervisor. She's also the one responsible for all of the patients who come up to get custom shade work done in house. She's limitless in talent and skill when it comes to the shade department and has dedicated the last 16 years to the service of our clients. If she could go on a vacation anywhere, it would be to Tahiti, because, "It's hard to believe God made a more beautiful place on earth".



Nick Hathorn, DDS is one of our quality control managers. He brings a unique perspective to the laboratory with over 25 years of dental experience, providing unique insight to the clinician perspective.



Steve Cochran is one of the managers of the Removables department at Pittman Dental. He is one of the seven quality control checkpoints we utilize in every piece of work that leaves the laboratory. He has worked at Pittman Dental for 26 years, and has certifications in PTC and Dentistry Tru-Bite. He is also a Georgia Mission of Mercy volunteer. Steve loves to paint, trout fish, and work out. He has two kids and loves spending time with his family.



Gary is one of the CAD-CAM team leaders, and technical support for our clients who use digital impression technology. He has worked at Pittman Dental Laboratory for 17 years. When asked if he preferred Star Wars or Star Trek, he chose Star Wars.



David is a CAD-CAM supervisor & CAD team leader. He is responsible for quality control of the final design of restorations in our CAD software, as well as the technical support for our CNC mills. He has been working at Pittman Dental for 6 years. He loves spicy food and good curry, and decided to answer "stargate" when prompted if he liked Star Wars or Star Trek more.



Angie is a do-all kind of technician that is one of our strongest team leaders. She can do everything from wax up to polish, and has been with Pittman for 21 years this June, 2014. When we asked her where she would vacation if possible, she said, "Fiji, because it's warm and tropical!"





Jesse is the Models department supervisor, and has worked at Pittman Dental for 13 years. When asked where he would vacation and why, he said that Ireland would be his destination of choice, and he would love to visit old Celtic churches and burial sites


Financial & Administration




Brenda is the controller, responsible for all financial reporting, collections, customer support, and supervises the human resources and accounting teams. She made sure to mention that she loves her team, is thankful for their support, and wouldn't be able to do her job without them. She has worked at Pittman Dental Laboratory for 8 years this September 2014. She's a wife and mother to three great children. When asked if she liked Star Wars or Star Trek, she answered, "Star Trek and Jonathan Frakes is hot! Met him at Dragon*Con. So nice."