Diamante™ Bruxer

Diamante™ Bruxer

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Diamante™ Zirconia bruxer is ideal for posterior restorations; especially bruxer patients. We mill from a medical grade Zirconia imported from Italy. Our Diamante™ bruxer is fabricated out of all Zirconia, there’s no ceramic layering, so we guarantee it for 5 years against breakage.

Due to the material’s higher translucency and our unique staining techniques, the aesthetics of the Diamante™ bruxer surpasses all other brands.

"My experience with Diamante™ Bruxer crowns by Pittman Dental has been amazing. The quality I have become accustom to working with Pittman Dental is far superior than what I have seen elsewhere. Minimal if any adjustments, excellent communication and they easily except my digital files. Recently, my hygienist complimented a Diamante™ Bruxer crown thinking that it was an emax which are typically more esthetic. She was blown away when I showed her the film to prove it was a zirconia crown. Tooth #18 and they put the effort into blending it into the patient's mouth. Perfect margins, perfect fit and excellent esthetics. I appreciate that extra time and artistic touch they put into their Diamante crowns."

- Dr. Nicholas Romenesko 

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