Yelp - How can it help your practice?

Increase visibility and outreach

Marketing has changed over the years. Smart phones, social media, and GPS have forever altered the landscape of interacting with patients. Now, instead of potential patients finding practices from advertisements, mailers, or community events, they can go online and use a variety of services to find what they are looking for. All of these services impact your overall web presence, and in some cases, could potentially be the tipping point for a new patient, all with the investment of maybe an hour to set up the corresponding pages.

One such application, is Yelp. Yelp is used as a tool to rate local restaurants, entertainment, services, and healthcare options. Users can leave reviews using a star system of their experience with businesses, which can act as indirect referrals. Another benefit of Yelp, is that quite often, it is highly ranked in Google searches when folks are looking for businesses. It can be reassuring as a potential patient to see those high star raitings, and extra SEO (search engine optimization) for free is always a good thing.

Creating a Yelp business page

First things first, this is easiest to do from a computer, not a mobile device. Once you're happily planted in front of a computer with internet access, you'll want to click on this link.

Once at, you'll see the yelp business home page. Click on the "Create free account now" button in the lower portion of the screen.


Once you proceed to the next page, Yelp will ask you to see if they can find your business. Fill out the information, case sensitive, and provide the city and state of your practice.


If your business does in fact show up, go ahead and click on "claim". You will create an account and be able to interact with your business upon review from Yelp.

If it doesn't, click the link provided that says "add your business to yelp". As I'm making a business that technically doesn't exist for demonstration purposes, I've had to go with the "add your business to yelp" link.

On the next page, you'll be prompted to fill out the pertinent information about your business. Fill it all out, and make sure that everything is correct. Once it is submitted, it's final, and Yelp will review it for accuracy before adding it to the listings.


And that's it! It's that simple to add your business, or claim it, on yelp. Once you create your account you can add pictures, respond to reviews, and interact with your customers. We've also included a file you can print and put in your office, or even have made into a sticker!