Thank you for choosing Pittman Dental Laboratory!

This digital starter kit is designed to get you up and running quickly. Below are 4 steps that you can follow to start sending us your cases:

  1. Scripts/RX Print or Upload
  2. Sending and Receiving Your Cases
  3. Other Helpful Resources
  4. Tell Us About Your Practice
If at any time you need help or clarification, please feel free to contact us a or 800-235-4720 or chat with us online at



Step 1 - Script/RX - Print out and send with case or upload your script online.

Download and print a copy of a script/RX by clicking on the script below:



Generic Appliance Script Image

  • Print out the script/RX.
  • Fill out all requested information. Please fill out all fields on the RX. Not doing so could delay your case.
  • Make a copy or scan for your practice.
  • Send the original in with your case.



Upload your STL, CBCT or Patient pictures here.

Or start using RXUpload to send us your Script/RX and track your cases online. Register your practice and start using RXUpload today by clicking here.


Step 2 - Sending Your Cases



Currently all cases are picked up and delivered by FedEx.

To get shipping labels, send your request to A customer service representative will email your shipping labels.

To learn best practices in shipping your case: 

To order shipping supplies:




Step 3 - Other Helpful Resources



Explore the varied publications about the different products and services Pittman Dental Laboratory has to offer. 



Shipping your case:

Training and Events:

Accounting Welcome Letter: Click here to download

Doctor Preference Form: Click here to download  Let's get to know each other better! Please fill out the Doctor Questionnaire so your lab team will know your preferences.

How to contact your Sales Representative. Click here


Step 4 - Tell us about your practice

To ensure proper communication, shipping and billing of your cases please fill out the form below. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at or 800-235-4720 or chat with us online at