Dental Implant Technician

Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions of the Position:

  • Read prescription, examine materials, ensure case is scheduled accurately
  • Conduct primary and secondary steps of Implant fabrication
  • Load impressions with Implant parts
  • Check model work for proper analog placement
  • Order Implant parts for cases; maintain inventory
  • Adjust abutments, as needed
  • Anodize abutments, as required
  • Case planning for implant cases with internal team members
  • Support production efficiency by taking ownership of technical Implant follow-up items with customers and team
  • Design CAD/CAM abutments and bars
  • Impression QC
  • Construct positioners, as needed
  • Implant outsourcing
  • Maintain clean work area
  • Die trim functions


Skills and Abilities Required:

  • Must be able to read, write, speak and understand English
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Work experience using CAD/CAM technology to fabricate Implant dental restorations preferred
  • Strong spatial ability, good eye-hand coordination, excellent perception skills and attention to details
  • Ability to troubleshoot and problem solve
  • Logical, analytical thinker with the ability to process information and formulate decisions
  • Excellent communication skills – ability to listen and assess situations involving customers and internal team members
  • High level of organizational skills; able to multi-task
  • Skilled in one or more areas associated with Fixed Department functions


Minimum Education and Experience Required:

  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • Skilled in one or more of the skills associated with a Dental Laboratory Technician.


Hazardous Materials or Equipment Used:

  • Hand pieces
  • Computer
  • Anodizing equipment and liquids


Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to sit for long duration of time.
  • Required to sit, stand, walk and/or reach
  • Able to lift up to 50 lbs. on occasion
  • Vision capabilities: depth perception, color





Detail Oriented: Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well

Team Player: Works well as a member of a group

Dedicated: Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity



High School or Equivalent or better.