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Welcome to Pittman Dental Laboratory. We pride ourselves on excellent restorations and unmatched service. We have been in business for 40 years, and are a full service dental laboratory.


Our custom brand Zirconia is the perfect blend of strength and beauty. Custom and unique shading exclusive to the Diamante brand allows us to make stunning restorations with formidable strength.


As an Atlantis Elite Dental Laboratory our CAD/CAM custom abutments are designed with proper tissue support and are always case specific.


10,000 People will turn 65 every day for the next 20 years. Dentistry will see an increase in different restorative techniques, but none more prominent than the denture. As the demographics of the dental market change, so do patient’s expectations. Our premium dentures offer improved aesthetics and a youthful appearance to your patients.


We are the laboratory authority on digital impression technology. We work with ALL major impression scanners and have processed more 3M ESPE™ TRUE DEFINITION™ & LAVA COS™ cases than any other dental laboratory.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and level of service. Our Proline team is composed of some of the industry’s most elite technicians with certifications in LVI, Dawson, and CDT.


The MAPA® is one of the most significant advancements in TMD therapy in over 35 years. Dr. Danny K. Crout, DMD, MS has partnered with Pittman Dental Laboratory exclusively to produce the MAPA®, or Maxiallary Anterior Passive Appliance.


  • I am pleased with the marginal integrity of the Diamante™ crowns fabricated at Pittman Dental Laboratory. I have seen that the fit is equal or superior to that of any other zirconia material I have tried. In fact; I just prepared # 5 before this note. I am confident that I will service my patients for many years with the life-like color layering of this all-ceramic restoration and will surpass this patient’s esthetic requirement.

    Dr. J. Kuzmic, DDS
    Mystic, Connecticut
    Mystic Dental Group
  • From simple to complex prosthodontics, Pittman Dental Laboratory is without equal.  Their quality reflects their commitment to excellence in providing the dentist the best prosthodontics for their patients.  Rudy Pittman and his staff have been providing my patients the best fixed and removable crown and bridge dentistry for 20 years. They are leaders in digital dentistry using 3-M COS digital technology to produce predictable crowns that fit and function with remarkable aesthetics. Pittman's experience with implant restoration of the edentulous patient is unsurpassed.  Quality and commitment to excellence are the trademark of Pittman Dental Laboratory.  Pittman Dental laboratory has taken the stress out of prosthetic dentistry, their attention to detail through digital accuracy, allows me to confidentially treatment plan and deliver prosthetic dentistry that exceeds patient expectations. 

    Dr. James M Carroll, DMD
    Gaffney, SC

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