Invisible Retainer

pittman invisible retainerInitially designed for temporary retention, improvements in materials have led to invisible retainers lasting longer and becoming the option of choice for the appearance-conscious patient.


Hawley Retainer with Ball Clasps

Hawley-RetainerMade with an acrylic plate, cuspid to cuspid Hawley labial arch, and ball clasps between second bicuspids and first molars. Other clasps available upon request.


Athletic Mouth Guard / Soft Night Guard

Pittman Athletic Guard-1A custom fitted athletic mouth guard also called a soft night guard can protect the jaw-line bone, teeth, lips, and cheeks from injury.


Soft Bleaching Tray

Pittman Bleaching TrayA soft plastic that is form fit for each individual patient and is made to deliver bleaching solution. Made of .040 bleaching tray material vacuum formed. No block out unless requested. Fabrication requirements: Master model.


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YSF-Box-and-Components 5

"Your Smile Factor" Clear Aligner System

Our clear aligners or braces are mouthpieces made of transparent medical-grade plastic that slip over the teeth for the purposes of aligning them. These clear aligners are barely noticeable, are custom-made to address your patients particular needs. Learn more


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