Shipping a Case

Shipping a case is easy as 1, 2, 3


1) Fill out a script

Pittman Dental Laboratory provides three different scripts depending on the need.

  • Essentials
  • Signature
  • Prosthetics RX

Go to to order a supply of these scripts. Completely fill out the script, checking all required boxes to ensure your specifications are met. Other supplies such as Post Office, FedEx and packing materials can be requested as well.


2) Pack your case

  1. Carefully pack your case, including your script, and tape box securely shut.
    • Place packing materials on the bottom of box.
    • Place separate contents in a plastic bags and mark the contents on each bag.
    • Place packing materials on top of contents.
    • Add the fully filled out script.
    • Tape box securely shut.
    • To save money on shipping, send multiple cases in one box.
    • Separate the cases in plastic bags, and staple the script to the outside of each bag for accurate processing.

3) Ship your case

  1. Once the box is securely taped shut, attach a FedEx shipping label to top or place the box in a FedEx bag and place the shipping label on the bag.
  2. To print labels please either Fax (770-503-1173) or email your label information to



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