Crown and Bridge


Pittman Dental Lab has spent the past 40 years as the leader in the southeast in dental laboratory services.  At Pittman we put our technicians through an extensive training process to ensure we hire only the best.  Dentistry is growing and changing so quickly we realize that our technicians need be prepared to meet your demands, so training and education is at the forefront of our business.  We have spent many years perfecting our craft and ensuring that we provide premium materials and highest aesthetics. We want our doctors to trust that when their patients receive a Pittman Crown & Bridge restoration that it was executed with the most superior craftsmanship, smooth surface and optimal function. 


We offer many different materials based on your patient’s needs.

One size does not fit all nor does one type of material. Pittman Dental Laboratory offers different materials for Crown and Bridge based on the application. Not only do you get the artistry and quality, you now have a choice of materials.

  • Lumax - Highly aesthetic with increased flexural strength.
  • IPS E.Max - Outstanding aesthetics user-friendly system.
  • Diamante Bruxer - Entirely Zirconia with a 5-year, no breakage guarantee.
  • Diamante - High translucency and medical grade strength.

For complete descriptions and Indications and Contraindications, download our "Crown and Bridge Highly Aesthetic and Precise" user guide today.

Diamante Zirconia Cropped


Diamante™ Zirconia bruxer is ideal for posterior restorations; especially patients with bruxism. We mill from a medical grade Zirconia imported from Italy. Our Diamante™ bruxer is fabricated out of all Zirconia, there’s no ceramic layering, so we guarantee it for 5 years against breakage.

Due to the material’s higher translucency and our unique staining techniques, the aesthetics of the Diamante™ bruxer surpasses all other brands.

"My experience with Diamante™ Bruxer crowns by Pittman Dental has been amazing. The quality I have become accustom to working with Pittman Dental is far superior than what I have seen elsewhere. Minimal if any adjustments, excellent communication and they easily except my digital files. Recently, my hygienist complimented a Diamante™ Bruxer crown thinking that it was an e.max which are typically more esthetic. She was blown away when I showed her the film to prove it was a zirconia crown. Tooth #18 and they put the effort into blending it into the patient's mouth. Perfect margins, perfect fit and excellent esthetics. I appreciate that extra time and artistic touch they put into their Diamante crowns." - Dr. Nicholas Romenesko 

Diamante Zirconia CroppedLayered

We take the same imported premium grade Zirconia we use for our Diamante™ bruxer crowns and stack multiple layers of porcelain to create Diamante™ Layered. The natural beauty of Diamante™ Layered is a result of these many layers of ceramic on its tooth colored zirconia core material.

The core is fabricated with CAD/CAM technology, giving it an optimal fit. Because of the core’s high translucency and medical grade strength, Diamante™ Layered rivals all leading brands and is an ideal alternative to porcelain fused to metal restorations.



LuMax from Pittman Dental Laboratory offers the esthetics of traditional e.Max® but with increased flexural strength. Traditional lithium disilicate restorations have a flexural strength of no more than 400 MPa. LuMax has a flexural strength of 765 MPa.

Download the product sheet.



No matter the cosmetic challenges you have, the Proline Team at Pittman Dental Laboratory can help overcome them. Our Proline Technicians have both the experience and knowledge to create superior restorations that are unmatched in our industry.

The Proline Team is composed of wax and metal design technicians and elite ceramists. They have completed extensive training in many of the industry’s leading courses including Dawson and LVI.

Regardless of the complexity of your case or esthetic demands The Proline Team has the training and artistic ability to create jaw-dropping results.

Download the Proline product sheet.


Prettau® Bridge

The Prettau Implant Bridge is a major step forward in restorative dentistry. These dental bridges are supported by dental implants, which are artificial tooth roots that are surgically placed into the jawbone and gum tissue, allowing for an incredibly secure hold. The artificial teeth are made from zirconia, which is an incredibly sturdy and natural-looking material. Being made of zirconia means no cracking, breakage, chipping or staining.

Pittman Dental Laboratory also offers a range of Porcelain Fused to Metal and Full Cast Crown that include non-precious, semi-precious, Noble Alloy, White Gold, and Yellow Gold materials.


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