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8 Advantages that the intraoral scanner offers to your dental practice

Posted by Bill Williams on Dec 8, 2020 11:38:35 AM
Bill Williams
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Planmeca-ScannerIntraoral Scanner technology is improving every day. These scanners are finding their way into dental practices across the country. Pittman Dental Laboratory is processing hundreds of cases a day from digital scans sent by doctors. But what are the advantages these scanners provide? Below is a list of 8 advantages that the intraoral scanner can bring to your practice.

1. Say goodbye to Alginate, plaster or plaster: With the use of the intraoral scanner you will avoid the cumbersome use of alginate, in a matter of two or three minutes you will obtain a 3D printing model to work on it.

2. Avoid discomfort to your patients: in line with the previous point, you can obtain the images without bothering the patient with the taking of physical impressions, so you can forget about the gag reflex, complaints about the taste or smell of alginate or silicones that are so annoying for patients (adults and children). The process will therefore be faster, more pleasant and more comfortable for the patient. Probably this is one of the advantages that favors the patient very much, they will thank you for more efficient processes that reduce the minutes of waiting.

3. Get high fidelity models: If there is one thing that stands out, it is the precision and fidelity of obtaining the models, because there are no inconveniences such as bubbles, setting, wrinkles or cracks or tears. So the errors are reduced to the maximum and the measurements consist of an incredible precision. The scanners are so accurate that models of both natural teeth and implants can be captured.

4. Corrects defects instantly: If for some reason an image has been distorted, just by reviewing the area, scanning it again you will be able to rectify it without any problem.

5. Create 3D files: The ability to access 3D digital files whenever you want is possible. You will be able to create them and locate them easily, favouring the saving of space for shelter of plaster or plaster models.

6. Save on shipping costs: You will save the money you used previously in shipments to laboratory, these will be sent to the laboratory through the management software with your user. You will not have to send the models in physical under any circumstances.

7. Use it also as a Marketing tool: You will differentiate yourself from the competition, through the use of technology as one of the fundamental pillars of your dental clinic. In addition, the patient will be able to visualize the evolution of their treatment, they will feel that they are actively part of the process. It will also allow you to show the state of caries, fractured teeth, presence of calculus and the current position of their teeth, offering them an easier to understand knowledge of their mouth. The consequence of this is that, without hesitation, your patients will recommend you to their colleagues, relatives and friends.

8. It simplifies the process: it facilitates diagnosis, simplifies the process of obtaining models and improves the effectiveness of the results.

If you are interested in learning more about intraoral scanners, feel free to contact us at support@pittmandental.com or 800-235-4720 ext. 116.

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