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The Crucial Role of an Account Manager in Dental Laboratories

Posted by Bill Williams on Dec 18, 2023 6:00:00 AM
Bill Williams
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In the dynamic world of dentistry, seamless communication between dental practitioners and dental laboratories is essential for delivering optimal patient care. The linchpin in this collaborative relationship is the account manager, a dedicated professional who serves as a bridge between the dental practice and the laboratory. At Pittman Dental Laboratory, we understand this, so let's delve into five crucial steps that underscore the importance of having an account manager for dental practitioners when submitting cases to a dental laboratory.

Mark Cornett1. Streamlined Communication:
A Pittman account manager acts as a central point of contact, ensuring clear and efficient communication between the dental practitioner and the dental laboratory. By having a designated liaison, practitioners can easily convey their specific requirements, discuss case details, and address any concerns. This streamlined communication eliminates potential misunderstandings, reducing the likelihood of errors and enhancing overall efficiency.

Nick Hathorn2. Tailored Consultation:
With a Pittman account manager in place, dental practitioners gain access to personalized consultation services. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of dental materials, technologies, and processes. They can provide valuable insights, helping practitioners make informed decisions about material selection, case planning, and treatment options. This tailored guidance contributes to the overall success of dental cases.

Gary-Greenway-Account-Manager3. Expedited Case Management:
Time is of the essence in dentistry, and a Pittman account manager plays a pivotal role in expediting case management. By overseeing the entire process from case submission to delivery, they ensure that cases progress smoothly through each stage. This proactive approach minimizes delays, allowing practitioners to focus on patient care without being burdened by logistical challenges.

Jason-Scroggs-Account-Manager4. Quality Assurance:
Pittman account managers serve as quality assurance advocates, ensuring that each dental case meets the highest standards. They collaborate closely with the dental laboratory team to monitor the progress of cases, conduct quality checks, and address any issues that may arise. This commitment to quality enhances the reliability of the laboratory's services and fosters a sense of trust between practitioners and the laboratory.

Shane-Padgett-Account-Manager5. Continuous Support and Relationship Building:
Beyond individual cases, a Pittman account manager contributes to building a lasting relationship between the dental practice and the laboratory. They provide ongoing support, fostering a sense of partnership. This relationship-oriented approach not only enhances communication but also creates a collaborative environment where practitioners and the laboratory work together towards shared goals.

Pittman Dental Laboratory is one of the only dental laboratories that assigns every Doctor their own account manager. The presence of an account manager at Pittman is a strategic investment for dental practitioners. From facilitating communication to providing expert guidance, their multifaceted role significantly contributes to the seamless and successful execution of dental cases, ultimately benefiting both practitioners and their patients.

Who is your lab account manager?

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