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Posted by Bill Williams on Apr 28, 2023 10:28:37 AM
Bill Williams
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Dental MarketingToday there are many ways a dentist can advertise their practice in their community. There are traditional methods like local radio, billboards, and postcards. There is also digital marketing that involves websites, social media and email campaigns. However, one often overlooked source is your current dental lab. They have a vested interest in seeing you prosper. The more patients you have, the more work they get. Below, I examine common marketing strategies available to dental practices and I show you some ways your dental lab can assist you in these areas.


Community Involvement:

Dental practices, by their nature, are local businesses, and they rely heavily on the local community to provide patients. One way to “see and be seen” is to be actively involved in the community. There are many opportunities for your practice to help in common causes and community betterment. A dental lab partner can help in different ways: financially, with manpower, or helping to get the word out in the community. In person health fairs may have gone away with the pandemic, but today, webinars are a great way to educate the public while showcasing the products and services your practice provides. Working side by side (online), a doctor, Pittman lab technician and or territory manager can provide a strong educational presence. Those that sign up for the webinar are also eligible for future offers.

Content Marketing:

Content marketing is important for both websites and social media. A dental practice must have a strong website full of rich content that will educate consumers on the services the practice provides. Social media’s purpose is to point consumers to the content on the website. Consumers today, will research information on the web before deciding. They will research doctors and their practices, or they will research a product or procedure. Your dental lab will and should have digital versions of product brochures and product sheets that are available on your website. A dental lab takes pride in the products and services that they provide. Pittman Dental Laboratory has over 45 years of experience servicing doctors. Pittman's experience has taught them what products to use for different applications and procedures. Leverage Pittman's product sheets and brochures as an education tool.  Why not pass this information on to your potential patients? Knowledge builds confidence. Using Pittman’s 49 plus years of experience will build this confidence.

Website and SEO:

As I stated above, a robust website is critical for a dental practice. Utilizing digital content from your dental lab will help build this robust website and build the confidence of visitors to the website. When properly placed on your website, digital content such as brochures, white papers, how to documents, product sheets and videos, will give Google and other search engines the information they need to move your practice up on the search results. According to Google, “The average person conducts between three and four searches each day.” Google looks out for the consumer. The search engine will present what it thinks is the best answer, with the most information, about the question the consumer submitted. Remember, Google is not there for you, it is there for the consumer. Utilizing digital documentation from your dental lab, to explain that you use the best materials for crowns, is a great way to build confidence and get a new patient. I encourage you to look at the various product publication information by visiting the Pittman Dental Laboratory website at www.pittmandental.com.

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