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Keeping Remake Percentages Down

Posted by Bill Williams on May 31, 2023 11:50:43 AM
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Pittman Dental Laboratory – Keeping Remake Percentages Down

*The national average for dental laboratory traditional dentistry remakes in the U.S. is 4%, with a range of 1% to as high as 6-7%. Pittman Dental Laboratory has a traditional remake percentage of 3% and a digital remake percentage of less than 1%. Using a low cost lab with a higher remake percentage can cost you more money than working with one, which may be a bit more expensive upfront, but is less expensive in the long run if it delivers a product that fits or matches well the first time it’s inserted.

By working with a quality lab such as Pittman Dental Laboratory, you develop a relationship where preferences and expectations on both sides are clearly understood, minimizing the amount of time and money lost on adjustments and remakes.

How does Pittman Dental Laboratory keep remake percentages down? Communication is key.

It is important you clearly communicate the proper information needed for each case sent to the lab, and the lab clearly communicates their needs to you to accomplish the desired outcome. If you do not include all records needed to correctly fabricate the case, you cannot expect the technician to deliver a quality product. Pittman Dental Laboratory uses RxUpload by Inventrix to properly and effectively communicate the information needed for each case. RxUpload is a cloud-based software (accessible by computer from anywhere) that Doctors or their staff can enter the information in about each case, upload pictures and large digital files such as STL or CBCT. Take quality photographs to convey all the information needed by the technician to properly fabricate your restoration(s). Eighty percent of dentists do not complete the information legally required on the prescription form. Most of this information is needed by the lab to properly complete the case.

Pittman Dental Lab Account and Quality Control Managers

Not every lab has the resources to implement Account and Quality Control managers. With Pittman Dental Laboratory, each Doctor is assigned an Account and Quality Control Manager. Every case goes through rigorous quality control steps when the case arrives at the lab and before it leaves. Your Account and Quality Control manager are a great source of information that can be utilized in improving communication between the lab and the Doctor. Click here to see Pittman’s Eight Step Quality Control Process.


Remakes and adjustments can cost your dental practice a significant amount of money each year or negatively affect your professional reputation. If you are spending a lot of time dealing with these types of issues, it may be beneficial for you and your staff to set up a time to clearly communicate your expectations to your Pittman Account and Quality Control managers and listen to their suggestions on what they may be missing from you for them to achieve the desired outcomes. Your local Territory Managers are also here to help you connect and communicate with your lab managers. If you are working with another lab with high remake percentages, maybe it is time to consider Pittman Dental Laboratory.

*According to SPEAR Education, Scottsdale, Arizona

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