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Revolutionizing Dentistry: Overcoming Traditional Impression Challenges with Digital Impressions

Posted by Bill Williams on Jan 8, 2024 6:00:00 AM
Bill Williams
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AdobeStock_464734525In the ever-evolving landscape of dentistry, traditional dental impressions have long been a cornerstone of the restoration process. However, both dentists and Pittman Dental Laboratory technicians have faced numerous challenges with this conventional approach. This blog explores the problems associated with traditional impressions and delves into the transformative potential of digital impressions in overcoming these issues.

Challenges with Traditional Impressions

1.  Inaccuracy and Marginal Fit:
   Traditional impressions are prone to inaccuracies, affecting the marginal fit of restorations. Studies have shown that a significant percentage of restoration remakes can be attributed to discrepancies in the impressions taken at the dentist's office.

2.  Patient Discomfort:
   Patients often find the process of traditional impressions uncomfortable and anxiety-inducing. The putty-like material used can trigger a gag reflex, leading to incomplete or distorted impressions, further complicating the restoration process.

3.  Shipping and Turnaround Time:
   Sending physical impressions from the dentist's office to the Pittman can be time-consuming. The transit time may contribute to delays in the fabrication of restorations, impacting patient satisfaction and treatment timelines.

Statistics on Traditional Impression Restoration Remakes

Research indicates that a substantial proportion of restoration remakes can be attributed to issues at both the dentist's and the lab's end. According to a comprehensive study, approximately 60% of remakes are caused by errors in the dental office, such as inaccurate impressions and inadequate communication with your designated Pittman Account Manager.  To ensure accurate interpretation of traditional impressions, Pittman Account Managers are readily available to review and discuss cases with you, working towards a successful outcome. They bring their expertise and collaborative approach to ensure the best possible results for your patients.

The Rise of Digital Impressions

Planmeca-ScannerAs technology continues to advance, digital impressions have emerged as a game-changer in the field of dentistry. The adoption of intraoral scanners and CAD/CAM systems has been steadily increasing, offering a more efficient and accurate alternative to traditional impressions.

Benefits of Digital Impressions:

1.  Precision and Accuracy:
   Digital impressions provide a higher degree of precision, reducing the likelihood of inaccuracies in the restoration process. This not only improves the fit of restorations but also minimizes the need for remakes.

2.  Patient Comfort:
   Intraoral scanners eliminate the need for messy impression materials, making the process more comfortable for patients. The digital nature of the procedure also allows for quick and seamless capturing of impressions.

3.  Streamlined Communication:
   Digital impressions facilitate instant communication between dentists and Pittman. This real-time collaboration minimizes errors and ensures that the necessary adjustments can be made promptly, reducing the chances of remakes.

The Shift Towards Digital Impressions

Digital Impression SystemsRecent statistics highlight a significant shift from traditional to digital impressions in the dental industry. A survey conducted among dental professionals revealed that over 70% have either incorporated or are considering integrating digital impression systems into their practices. This shift is not only driven by the desire for improved accuracy but also by the potential to enhance overall efficiency and patient satisfaction. Pittman Dental Laboratory has several scanner placement programs available for dental practices. Contact your personal Territory Manager for more information about these partnership programs.

The challenges associated with traditional dental impressions are driving the dental industry towards a digital revolution. The adoption of digital impressions is transforming the way dentists and Pittman operate, offering a more accurate, efficient, and patient-friendly approach to the restoration process. As technology continues to advance, the era of digital impressions promises to redefine the standards of precision and excellence in modern dentistry.